By: Paul Brunner, Chair, Nominations Committee & USITT Secretary

The work of the 2018-19 Nominations Committee takes place throughout the year along with
face-to-face meetings at the National Conference. The Committee recruits candidates and
stewards applications through the nomination process, and their work is greatly appreciated. This is a time-intensive procedure that involves a great deal of thoughtful observation and
identification of future leaders for the Institute.

The Nominations Committee presents the following slate for the 2019 election cycle:

Directors listed in alphabetical order (six to be elected):

  • Amy Altadonna
  • Drew Dalzell
  • Deanna Fitzgerald
  • Cary Gillett
  • Paul Horpedahl
  • Debra Krajec
  • Darren Levin
  • Britton Mauk
  • Eric Rouse
  • Deb Sherrer
  • Eileen Smithheimer
  • Kimb Williamson

Candidates for board officers are (one to be elected):

  • President-Elect: Michael Mehler, Carolyn Satter
  • Vice-President for Commissions: Verda Beth Martell, Todd Proffitt
  • Vice-President for Conferences: Bryan Huneycutt, Mark Rapach
  • Secretary: Paul Brunner

The six elected Directors and Officers will serve three-year terms beginning July 1, 2020. The
President-Elect serves a total of five years on the Board, the first year as President-Elect before
serving a three-year term as President, followed by one year as Immediate Past President.

Additional candidates can be added to the ballot by a petition signed by 50 USITT members. For information on the process, e-mail the USITT Secretary, Paul Brunner. Deadline for adding names to the ballot is Sept. 1.

Online voting for the 2019 slate of candidates will begin Nov. 1 and run through Dec. 10. Watch Sightlines in the coming months for information on candidate profiles and position