By: Paul Brunner, Chair, Nominations Committee & USITT Secretary

The Nominations Committee presents the following slate for the 2019 USITT Board election cycle:

Directors listed in alphabetical order (six to be elected): Amy Altadonna, Drew Dalzell, Deanna Fitzgerald, Cary Gillett, Paul Horpedahl, Debra Krajec, Darren Levin, Britton Mauk, Eric Rouse, Deb Sherrer, Eileen Smitheimer, Kimb Williamson

Candidates for board officers are (one to be elected):

  • President-Elect: Michael Mehler, Carolyn Satter
  • Vice-President for Conferences: Kasey Allee-Foreman,  Bryan Huneycutt, Mark Rapach, Jim Streeter
  • Vice-President for Commissions: Ashley Bellet, Jenny Kenyon, Verda Beth Martell, Todd Proffitt
  • Secretary: Paul Brunner

The six elected Directors and Officers will serve three-year terms beginning July 1, 2020, with the exception of President-Elect, who serves a one-year term before assuming a three-year term as President.

Please take a moment to participate in USITT’s Board election! The online ballot will be available to the membership beginning Nov. 1 and run through Dec. 10, 2019.

December also marks the beginning of the 2020 nominations cycle. The Nominations Committee recruits candidates and stewards applications through the nominations process, and many hours are spent evaluating nominees for the ballot. I want to thank the committee for their diligent work and dedication to identifying USITT’s future leadership. It is important work that is greatly appreciated, thank you!

To learn more about the nominations process, USITT Board service, or our election process, please email your questions to Paul Brunner, Secretary, Board of Directors.