Interested in leatherworking? How about thermoplastic crowns? What if we told you, you could work with these materials and more right on the Expo Floor? This year, you can!

Learn and work alongside designers, technicians, and performers who are making a career out of creating spectacular pieces for non-traditional entertainment. We’re talking pasties, the perfect drag eye, Cosplay, the whimsical world of steampunk, and more.

The Costume Design & Technology Lab on the Expo Floor will encompass all of these categories during its celebration of “Costumes on the Fringe” as you apply the skills you have learned in traditional costume design and technology to these niche categories.

These sessions will be hands-on, fully-immersive experiences, so advanced sign-up is required. We encourage you to take advantage of this early sign-up today as spots will fill quickly. See the full list of sessions (15 minutes each) and sign up!

As part of giving back to the community that is hosting USITT19, we ask that you consider making a small donation at the Costume Lab space that will go to the Make A Wish Foundation, which is housed right down the road from Conference.

The Make A Wish Foundation grants a wish, on average, every 34 minutes to a child with a critical illness. By donating even a small amount, we can help grant a child’s wish and help them fight their illness.

Although we build and design capes, we don’t often wear them. But with your help, we can all be superheroes.