USITT and our sponsors are bringing digital media giants Ana Herruzo and Finn Ross to Binghamton, NY, Sept. 4-6, as Keynote speakers for the inaugural Digital Media Symposium in association with the LUMA Festival, the largest projection design event in the country. The Digital Media Symposium will offer two exciting days of digital media creation, education, and artistry to attendees.

Herruzo will open the symposium on Sept. 5 while Ross will close the event on Sept. 6. Both will provide stories and insight into the world of video, projection, and programming design during the symposium.

Herruzo is an architect, designer, and programmer working at the intersection of art, technology, and architecture. She and her company have worked on projects for high-profile companies such as Samsung, Nike, Google, and NASA. Her focus is on the combination of lighting, audio, and video with the physical environment, materials and human interaction.

Synthesizing disciplines, she creates spatial experiences for wide-ranging applications such as art installations, live music events, film, robotics, and architecture. Herruzo is the co-founder of art collective NaiveLaser, and interactive agency VIRTULABS performing Creative and Technical Direction for diverse projects.

Finn Ross is a Tony Award-winning video designer for live performance and co-creative director of London-based FRAY Studio. He specializes in integrating live and pre-recorded images, animations, or anything else you can imagine, into a live performance environment. He has worked in all facets of digital media from fringe to Broadway and pop to opera.

Ross’ most recent projects include video designs for Frozen, Mean Girls, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two on Broadway. He delivers both the content and the systems by which it is realized. By doing both he ensures there is a fluid process from conception to first night.

Sponsor-driven sessions, a “tech crawl,” engaging keynote presentations from digital media oracles, and a LUMA participants panel will make up this fascinating symposium. Trust us, you will want to be a part of this experience.

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This event will be sponsored by our Gold Sponsor Notch and our Silver Sponsors Show Sage LLC./Watchout, and Green Hippo,and 7thSense Design.

LUMA Festival photo by Van Zandbergen Photography