As a member of USITT, you also hold a membership in the worldwide organization known as OISTAT by default. The International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects, and Technicians connects individuals around the globe. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, OISTAT oversees projects such as Digital Theatre Words, the OISTAT Theatre Architecture Competition, World Stage Design, and the Technical Innovation Prize.

They also work as a hub for international projects including the Comparative Study Scenic Designers Intellectual Property Rights or the Theatre of Latin America project being headed by OISTAT Spain to document the theatre spaces in that region from pre-Columbian times to today.

OISTAT has been a key partner in international communications since its founding 50 years ago. USITT members are often unaware that they are also members of OISTAT or unaware of the projects OISTAT is doing. In recent meetings in Berlin, there were conversations about increasing the visibility and access of OISTAT’s meetings so that people across the world can see what is going on and what decisions are being made.

Take a moment to watch this video to learn more about OISTAT, its structure, and what it is doing to help members everywhere.