Invariably on the lookout to bring the newest technologies, ideas, and innovation, to our membership, USITT continues to experience growth both in size and value when it comes to Conference exhibitors. As new exhibitors join the Institute for USITT 2020, we will be introducing them to you through a series of features both in Sightlines and subsequently in Conference News beginning in late summer.

The recent popularity of the expansive world of 3D printing has become a staple for much of the the live entertainment industry with a special focus on prop departments and designers. Irvine, Ca.-based 3D printing company Raise 3D recently joined USITT as one of our newest members and slated exhibitor for USITT 2020.

From relatively modest beginnings in 2015, Raise 3D has tapped into the pent-up needs of additive manufacturing. Founded on the principals of customer driven requirements, the multi-award-winning company has developed industrial grade 3D printers that feature massive build volumes (up to 12” x 12” x 24”), 24/7 reliability, a wide range of material compatibility, and high resolution standards that allow for finished production parts.

“Raise 3D is proud to be a part of USITT as they connect performing arts and the entertainment industry with cutting edge technology,” said Patrick Rettew, Vice President of Marketing for Raise 3D Technologies. “Working with USITT members like prop master Jay Duckworth puts our Pro2 Series 3D printers on the front line of leveling the playing field for large and small production companies alike to accelerate prop development, create never before seen models, and significantly reduce production costs.”

The 3D printing phenomenon took off as early at the late 1980’s at which time they were called Rapid Prototyping (RP) technologies due to the processes originally being conceived as a fast and more cost-effective method for creating prototypes for product development within the industry (3D Printing Industry, 2017). Now, in 2019, Raise 3D is among the fastest growing 3D Printing companies focusing on accelerating product development, producing customized products on demand, increasing production flexibility, and reducing tooling investment.

“You’ve asked and we’ve listened! We are so excited to bring a 3D printing manufacturer to our show,” said Cody B. Hann, USITT sales manager. “We are always excited to introduce new and innovative technologies to our membership and attendees and believe me, there is more to come. Welcome to USITT, Raise 3D.”

Clientele include Fortune 1000, Aerospace, Automotive Manufacturing, Major Universities, U.S. Military, Top Movie Studio Prop Departments, and Leading Technology Industries.

Raise 3D will be on the Expo floor giving you the opportunity to get up close and personal with their products, so be sure to stop by their booth in Houston!

Be on the lookout for more new exhibitor features coming late summer.