The Organization of Scenographers Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT) recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

On Aug. 28 – Sept. 2, 154 guests from over 25 countries gathered at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama to celebrate the occasion. During the parties, Keynote speeches, symposiums, meetings, and global community exchange, old and new friends had a great time exchanging ideas and networking.

USITT’s media partner, Stage Directions Magazine, published a full recap of OISTAT’s 50th anniversary celebrations in their current issue, penned by Richard Bryant.

“Fifty years of existence for any organization is an important milestone. The consistency and quality of work; thought and energy over the years is a testament to the participating members who have been a part of OISTAT. It is important to share our gratitude and thanks for those who came before. To help bring another 50 years to OISTAT, we must also encourage and share these values with future generations so that they may carry on the work to grow, evolve and maintain the importance of this organization. I encourage you to take the next opportunity to attend an OISTAT event. Nothing can take the place of the experience.” -By Richard Bryant

The full recap can be read here.

Joel Rubin, co-founder of USITT and the second president of OISTAT, also discussed his excitement for the 50th anniversary of the international organization. Find the full interview by Karin Winkelsesser, here.