By: Dan Culhane, USITT President

The recent midterm elections gave us all an
opportunity to show up and make our voices heard.  And Americans did just that, recording the
highest voter turnout in fifty years.  Participation
is the key to change. As members of USITT, you have a voice and an opportunity
to influence the future of our organization.

The USITT election is in full swing and I would like to challenge our membership to turn out and vote in record numbers. Every member should have received an email on  November 1 with the subject line: “USITT Board of Directors Election.”  This email contains a link to our voting site, an elector ID number and a password.  Information about the candidates can be found after logging onto the voting site.  Voting is the easiest way to get involved.  It is painless and takes only a few minutes.

On the ballot are the following officers and

Vice-President for International Activities

Vice-President for Education & Training

Vice-President for Communication

Six Directors

All of the officers and directors are elected for a three-year term starting July 1, 2019. Voting will close on Monday December 10, 2018 at midnight Pacific time.  Please take a few moments to find the email, click on the link and vote.

Our organization is only as strong as its members.  Your vote counts.