ASU to Host LED Wearables Workshop

Ashley Gamba will be presenting an LED Wearables workshop at ASU on April 15 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. There is no cost to attend. To sign up, click here and fill out the doc!

USITT’s Desert State Board of Elections: Last Call!

The positions on this year’s ballot are First-Vice Chair, Third Vice Chair, Treasurer, Director, and Member-at-Large. The general qualifications for office are to be a Desert State Member, a willingness to serve the members of the Desert State section, an ability to work with others, enthusiasm for the purposes of the Section and a dedication to professionalism in our industry. For more information, contact Kate Ellis.

USITT’s Midwest Section to Hold Dual Session: Creating Emergency Action Plans & River Lights Installation

Join the Midwest Section at University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN, on April 22nd  for an important and insightful session on Emergency Action Plans (EAP): everything you need to know to create and implement an  EAP for your venue. Late in the afternoon and following the EAP session, the Section will host a backstage presentation on the South Bend River Lights installation featured in the Dec. 2015 issue of Lighting & Sound America. Details and registration, here.

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