Q: I have just been offered a full-time position and currently am unemployed, should I accept the offer?

A: Congratulations – You have been offered a job!

Your initial reaction, especially if you don’t have any work now is to immediately say YES.  However, now is not the time to immediately accept what has been offered.  You should take at least 24 hours, except when offered short-term freelance work, to consider the following.

  • Appeal – What do you find appealing about the job?
  • Satisfaction – Does this job provide me the work for which I am skilled and I enjoy?
  • Advancement – Is this opportunity a dead end or is there greater opportunity ahead? Can I be promoted in this position or will I need to change jobs? Is there a way that I will eventually be given more responsibility as I progress?   Is there an opportunity for me to expand my skills and become a better professional in my field?
  • Location – Can you relocate to this job site? What are you leaving from…or going to? How close will I be to some of my support system? Family? What amount of travel is expected with this job?
  • Community – Who and what activities will you leave behind if you accept this job?
  • Salary – Does the salary being offered meet my requirements? Cover my expenses and then some? From a financial standpoint, think about both your immediate standard of living as well as future opportunity to improve your compensation.
  • Benefits – Does the offer provide sufficient benefits?

A job offer presents a unique opportunity to really consider your future. We spend so much time on the process of getting a job, that when one is offered to us we are often caught off-guard.  Take the time to truly consider what is being offered before you say yes!  You will not regret it.