Funding for stage rigging inspections and safety training has been approved for eight additional schools as part of USITT’s Rigging Safety Initiative (RSI).

Since its start in 2011, RSI has approved applications from more than 120 schools across 25 states. Schools can apply for the free inspections twice a year, in spring and fall.

“The district is committed to creating a safe environment for our students, obviously, but to divert more funding we have to pull it from classrooms,” said 2017RSI Grant recipient and Hudsonville Public Schools Auditorium Director Rob Matthews.The RSI It was a way for us as a school to get more done without taking money from our students in the classroom where it’s really needed.”

The eight schools that have been awarded free inspections as well as four to six hours of safety training for up to eight staff members and students are:

Carlmont High School – Carlmont Performing Arts Center
Belmont, California

Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School
Richmondville, New York

Deer Valley High School-Academy of Performing Arts
Antioch, California

Elgin High School
Elgin, Illinois

Harrison School for the Arts
Lakeland, Florida

Redlands High School
Redlands, California

San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts
San Diego, California

TC Roberson High School
Asheville, North Carolina

The deadline to apply for the fall cycle is Nov. 15, 2018. Apply here!

Thank you to our Rigging Safety Initiative Sponsors: H&H Specialties, ETC, and JR Clancy.