The first time is a charm when it comes to USITT.

Though there are many people coming to Conference for their 20th or even 40th time, there’s something magical about your first. You get to experience everything with fresh eyes, so use that to your advantage!

Tackling the Conference head-on can make you feel like you’re trying to navigate a new city you’ve never visited, but don’t worry, there are tons of tips to make your USITT19 a smooth one.

Our first tip? Attend the first-timers reception. This will give you an inside look at all the programs USITT offers from those who know them best. Learn about ways to get involved, meet others in the same boat as you, and hey, there’s free food!

Pro-tips from USITT staff, leadership, and members

“Before attending Conference sessions, write down your objectives and what you’d like to get out of the session. That way, you can remain focused on your goals.”  -Jenn Shuron, USITT Content Specialist

“Take plenty of photos to remember your trip and what caught your eye the most. Post your favorite moments to social media, and tag USITT on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so we can repost them!” -David Armelino, USITT Social Media Specialist

“Read the session list on the app and plan a part of each day ahead of time. Trying to do it on site can be truly overwhelming.” –Christine Troscher, USITT Director of Education & Training

“Enjoyed a session? Have more questions? Want to follow up? Go introduce yourself! This is where some of the most valuable connections and learning can take place. Give ‘em your card (get some now if you don’t currently have them).” –Madilynn Garcia, Early Career Member/Gateway Coordinator

“Introduce yourself to people and make connections. You just might make a friend or colleague that will last for years.” –David Grindle, USITT Executive Director

“Wear comfortable shoes.” –Monica Merritt, USITT Director of Member Services

“Visit the Nexus and introduce yourself to a USITT Fellow.”- Mark Shanda, USITT Past President

“Don’t be afraid to talk to someone who said something interesting.”- Jack Feivou, Vice-President for Conferences

These are just a few tips that can make the Conference more successful for you. See you in Louisville!