When it comes to Stage Expo, we have some exciting things lined up for our 60th anniversary celebration!

Our Sales Manager Cody Hann is in charge of all exhibit, sponsorship, and advertising sales. A longtime member of USITT and former exhibitor, he knows what attendees and exhibitors want and will execute the annual Conference and Stage Expo alongside his colleagues in the National Office and the USITT volunteers and board members to bring you our best show yet.

So, what’s new for 2020? We are still in the planning process and finalizing a few special exhibits, but we can tell you that there are a few things that will be on the show floor that you’ve never seen before! From new exhibitors bringing you the latest and greatest products to new and exciting exhibits, and plenty of hands-on workshops and demos, we know you are in for a real treat in Houston! As more and more is finalized, you can expect to see it here and on our website, so be sure to watch this space!

Are there any specific exhibitors or special events you would like to see at USITT 2020 or a future USITT event? Contact Cody today!

Next month, part of the USITT team will be heading to Houston to create exciting host city-related content. Houston is diverse with over 145 languages being spoken and is known for its robust culinary scene. We’ll be covering it all on film showing you how to easily navigate the city (the fourth most populous in the nation!), where to go for the tatstiest food and drinks, and a selection of entertainment options and green spaces to visit if you find yourself with some down time. Stay tuned!