Did you know that one-third of the audience at USITT’s Annual Conference & Stage Expo is student members? It seems like more at times, which can be attributed to the enthusiasm and exuberance around the venue. So it’s no surprise that for young professionals and the next generation of technicians, USITT is THE place to be found by production companies and graduate school programs.

Typically, USITT will see about 85 universities in tables paces and booths around the Stage Expo floor. In 2019, you’ll find nearly 120 universities that are looking for you to join their programs. If you’re looking for an internship or perhaps your first position after college, production companies from regional theatres, theme parks, cruise ships, AV production companies, and professional theatres want to meet with you!

We’ve worked on ways to cultivate this culture at USITT. Here’s what we’re doing to make this not only a marketplace for theatre technology but a networking emporium.


Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If you don’t yet … make one! This is more than just a professional social network. It serves as an online resume and reference showcase. USITT has added LinkedIn profile links to your USITT registration. If you’re looking for jobs or schooling programs, include it in your registration or go back in and add it to your existing registration. If you are interested in these programs, exhibitors will be able to search you out before the show and view your profile. They can reach out to you before the event and set up appointments. Such an easy way to be found, but a crucial tool in 2019.

Interview Area

We’ve created a space for all exhibitors to conduct interviews with those candidates. Sponsored by Cirque du Soleil, this space will have comfortable seating for these interviews but will also host a jobs board. You can come and review the positions that are posted and see what opportunities you are interested in, then go search that exhibitor out to make yourself known.


There are lots of sessions in the Conference program relating to career development. Some of them are specific to your discipline; some are more generic tools of the trade by nature. We’ve also added quick burst sessions on the expo floor that will give you tips and tricks to distinguish yourself — like Navigate Your Path | Elements for Successful Recruitment *20 tips in 20 minutes*. There is much to learn and many people to connect with while in Louisville. Make the most out of your visit to USITT!