Last chance! Apply by Jan. 15 for this opportunity.

The Institute’s Fellows are encouraging Early Career Members to take advantage of a rewarding program designed exclusively for their membership category, the Early Career Mentoring Program. The Fellows are offering to personally and financially support two ECMs who want to attend USITT19 in the form of a $1,000 stipend to help with Conference expenses and the assignment of a seasoned professional mentor.

“What I was looking for in this experience was an ‘in’ into the field of sound design and technology. The time spent with my mentor, Rich, was immensely successful. The contacts I made should be very useful in the future, whether as collaborators, resources, or potential employers. I can’t wait to build on this experience in the future.”

– Caisa Sanburg, an Assistant Professor of Lighting and Sound at Arkansas State University and 2018 Early Career Mentoring mentee.

Applications can be found at