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Live Sound’s Loudspeaker Demo returns to USITT!

Seven companies will be participating in six round-robin style sessions where you will be able to hear from all systems. Participating companies include Alcons, D.A.S, Innovox, Music Tribe, RCF, Renkus Heinz, and TW AUDiO. Prizes will be given away at each session courtesy of Live Sound! Located in the Marriott Ballroom adjacent to the Kentucky International Convention Center, it’s a short walk from the Expo Floor entrance to the Loudspeaker Demo across the sky bridge.

In addition, all seven manufacturers will have their own scheduled demos where you can listen to a longer, more detailed presentation with that company. You can see their entire schedule and what to expect at the Loudspeaker demo here.

A few years ago, we saw as a theatre production community with #TonyCanYouHearMe campaign the incredible support and influence audio has in live theatre. The equipment and technicians have as large an impact on the audience as any other department of production. With that in mind, USITT began a partnership in 2015 with Live Sound International magazine and to bring their Loudspeaker Demo to USITT.

The speaker demo has since been in Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Fort Lauderdale; remarkably in very different formats. In Cincinnati, you found a ballroom space that you could be immersed in, surrounded by large-scale million-dollar sound systems on all sides. In St. Louis, Live Sound took over the theatre space and set up seven systems in a row. Last year, Live Sound utilized the amazing outdoor stage space with their demos on mobile stages.

“Our guiding principle for the Live Sound Demo is to provide a controlled listening environment for the attendees and loudspeaker vendors participating in this year’s Stage Expo,” said Kevin McPherson, President of EH Media’s Live Sound International. “The unique market segments that comprise USITT: education, theater, and entertainment are dependant on excellent audio quality to engage and deliver a memorable experience at every performance.”

Other conventions in our industry have been adding this event based on our success. You can only see this event currently at WFX (the Worship Facilities Conference & Expo in Orlando), NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandising in Anaheim) and USITT. NAMM only just added this event in 2019. USITT is the only demo that will take place in the middle of the country bouncing from city to city.

“The joint efforts of USITT and Live Sound International make the loudspeaker demo a unique way to find new audio options and learn about some of the newer audio technologies,” McPherson said. “We look forward to seeing you there and wish you luck in winning one of the exciting audio gear raffle drawings which take place at each demo.”

Be part of this immersive and unique experience!