By: Dan Culhane, USITT President

As an industry, we are a passionate group. We feel strongly about the work we do and take pride in what we accomplish. And we want to share that pride in accomplishment with each other. One way we as an Institute share our accomplishments is though the quarterly Theatre Design & Technology journal, TD&T. This highly successful journal is a source of pride for us all.

TD&T is the product of our hardworking Publications Committee. I was fortunate to attend a series of meetings with the Committee this past weekend. The Publications Committee is a group of 13 led by USITT VP of Communications, Rafael Jaen, all working to tell our stories in a compelling way. Working with Eileen Curley, TD&T editor, the committee selects and seeks out new ideas and diverse stories that highlight the accomplishments of our USITT members. The TD&T journal that members receive each quarter can also be found in libraries and educational organizations across the country and around the globe.

An exciting new development coming out of these recent meetings is the launch of our new TD&T Portfolio. As a successor to the popular monograph Series of books, the new publication will take an in-depth look at individual artists from the industry and be published yearly. The first Portfolio will feature the work of costume designer Susan Hilferty and will be mailed to all members late in the first quarter of 2020. I can’t thank the members of the Publications Committee enough for their hard work, dedication, and passion, giving back to the Institute.

USITT is celebrating its birthday on Oct. 26. To commemorate the occasion, USITT’s Setting the Next Stage Campaign will be holding a day-long fundraising event. The campaign is vital to providing USITT the resources needed to increase our member services and programming for the next 60 years. Making the Institute more secure is something we can all be proud of.  Please join me in participating in the Setting the Next Stage Campaign on Saturday, Oct. 26.