A new round of funding has been approved for 11 schools as part of our Rigging Safety Initiative. This funding provides stage rigging inspections and safety training completed at no cost by rigging experts. Each school receives a detailed status report on their rigging including what’s working properly and what potential safety problems can be prevented with routine care.

RSI has approved applications from over 100 schools spanning across 25 states since its start in 2011. Schools can apply for the free inspections twice a year in the spring and the fall. The schools that have been awarded free inspections as well as four to six hours of safety training for up to eight staff members and students are:

  1. El Paso High School: El Paso, Texas
  2. Rim of the World High School: Lake Arrowhead, California
  3. Mountain View High School: Loveland, Colorado
  4. Greenfield Middle School: Greenfield, Massachusetts
  5. Valparaiso High School: Valparaiso, Indiana
  6. Clements High School: Sugar Land, Texas
  7. Blue Ridge High School: New Milford, Pennsylvania
  8. Green High School: Uniontown, Ohio
  9. Lincoln High School: Vincennes, Indiana
  10. Preble Shawnee Jr/Sr High: Camden, Ohio
  11. Young Men’s Leadership Academy: San Antonio, Texas

“One of the most vital services that the Institute provides is helping to improve the safety of secondary school students throughout the country,” said USITT’s Executive Director, David Grindle. “Since its inception, our Rigging Safety Initiative has aided schools from coast to coast in improving the safety of hundreds of thousands of our nation’s youth and growing a culture of safety in the entertainment workplace.”

A panel of USITT rigging experts determines which applications are approved based on their need, safety concerns, and the amount of funding available. Companies which employ ETCP Certified Riggers can participate as rigging inspectors. Thanks to our sponsors and donors, we can promote safe stages for students at little or no cost to schools! Our current Rigging Safety Initiative sponsors are H&H Specialties, ETC, and JR Clancy.