Article provided by Sandy Bonds

The Student Ambassador Program is an exceptional opportunity for students to interact closely with renowned international designers and technicians attending USITT19 in Louisville, Ky.

Faith James from Trinidad and Tobago had this insight to share about her experience as a Student Ambassador in Fort Lauderdale last year:

“The opportunity given to me by USITT was definitely life-changing. I was afforded the chance to network and find avenues to grow as a costume designer. Qin Wenbao from China was my mentor, and his work, expertise, and method of design have been an inspiration for me. His guidance has secured my desire to design. USITT has also aided in my decision to become a part of San Diego State University’s MFA program in Costume Design, as I was able to meet so many colleges and find just the right one for me.”

Three student members will each be paired with one of three visiting international guests with similar areas of focus to encourage international networking between early designer/technicians and our global colleagues. Student members will be chosen for this honor in Louisville based on their fields of study, compelling application, and letter of nomination/ recommendation from a mentor. Student Ambassadors will receive free Conference registration and a luncheon with the three international guests. The deadline for applications is Jan. 15, 2019. Winners will be announced by Jan. 31.

Apply here for the Student Ambassador Program.

International Guests for the Louisville Conference &
Stage Expo are (pending final confirmation):

Psyche Chui: Noted Hong Kong-based lighting designer and Senior Lecturer at HKAPA.

Pawel Dobrzycki: Stage, costume, and lighting designer, professor, painter, and architect. He trained in Krakow and is currently Dean of the Scenography Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Junghoon Pi: Sound designer/composer and assistant professor at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. He will also be presenting at the Kimchi and Chips session.