Give While You Shop!

Attention online shoppers! This giving season, USITT encourages you to go to and choose United States Institute for Theatre Technology as your designed charity. A portion of your shopping will go to USITT. That allows you to “double dip” and make a gift while giving gifts. (and it is available year-round).

OISTAT Bulletin

At the Commission meeting in Cardiff, OISTAT decided to start a blog to promote the international exchange of news and information.

The blog has been online for three months and there has already been a good amount of news from varying countries. OISTAT asks you to support the project by sending me messages, information, and announcements, with photos. If translation to English is needed, OISTAT will gladly translate.

Every three months the contributions will be summarized and sent out as a colletion in PDF form. With this, the tradition of an OISTAT Bulletin is revived.

The news of the first three months can be found here.

RCF Sponsors PAcalculate App for Pro Audio Industry

Offering a tool for pro audio sound reinforcement system calculations, RCF is sponsoring the online app PAcalculate. The multi-platform app (iOS and Android) provides a library of 25 different calculators covering audio acoustics, electronics and cabling calculations; as well as lighting, electricity and recording calculators. The app is a tool for people dealing with PA, sound systems, electo-acoustics and lighting.

With PAas well as lighting related calculators, comprehensive options are provided. Inaddition to the calculators, other help menus offer assistance on cable pinassignments for both audio and video, graphs demonstrating microphone polarpatterns and equal loudness contours; and offers utilities including aninclinometer and even a flashlight.

PAcalculatecan be downloaded for free courtesy of RCF for smartphones and tablets at theGoogle Play Store or Apple App Store.

Vincent Lighting Systems Announces New President

Vincent Lighting Systems (VLS) announced that well-respected industry veteran Bill Groener will be joining VLS as its new President. Founder and former President, Paul Vincent, will remain connected with VLS as an advisor moving forward. Groener, who will be based in the Cleveland area, will be taking on the responsibilities of his new role immediately. He will work closely with the VLS Leadership Team to assure a smooth transition.