By: David Grindle, Executive Director, and Dan Culhane, President

Chances are, we have all heard and helped prepare the infamous “Pre-curtain speech.” Some in our membership have even made them. You know the procedure. House to half, special up as the appointed member of the administration walks out and thanks the audience; reminds them that ticket income only covers a portion of the costs of running the organization.

Well, it’s true. In most organizations, the cost of tickets doesn’t cover the cost of operation. And that’s the same with USITT. Our donors help us make many things happen because membership income doesn’t cover all the expenses of running the operation.

Over the last several years, the number of donors to USITT has grown. And with that, we have grown things such as our Rigging Safety Initiative, Conference fee scholarships, grants, and more. Because of donors, we are able to lower the cost of many of our education programs such as the Glerum Master Classes.

So we hope you will consider making a gift to USITT as part of your year-end generosity. Perhaps you may not be able to make a gift this year. Please encourage a friend to join. Then they are getting the benefits of membership and you are helping USITT.

If you are an online shopper, you can always go to and choose United States Institute for Theatre Technology as your designed charity. A portion of your shopping will go to USITT. That allows you to “double dip” and make a gift while giving gifts. (and it is available year-round).

Year-end giving is but one way our membership gives. Through the sharing of knowledge and support of one another, USITT members are always giving. We hope you will take a moment and share with your colleagues through USITT.